The mentoring program seeks to create personal and professional one-on-one relationships between students and alumni mentors, who act as role models and provide them guidance during at least one academic year.

From management consulting to non-profit, we have a mentor ready to help you prepare for the labour market.

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Acquire intimate knowledge of an industry and its potential career paths. Learn the ins and outs of the labour market.


Get a privileged entry point into the business world and start building your own network.


Benefit from a professional view on your projects and improve all types of skills. Ask for a feedback on your CV and cover letter.


Sharpen young minds

Mentor a student and build a strong relationship. Share your expertise and experience. Help him to evolve and learn from him.

Give back to the university

Keep in touch with the school and help us strengthen the alumni network.

Get an extra-line on your CV

Pro-bono mentoring is a great experience you will be able to put forward on your CV.

Companies represented by our mentors

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